Green Cards

The process of obtaining permanent resident status, or a “green card,” can be quite complicated, especially for people who are not familiar with US immigration laws. Even the simplest of rules that dictate whether a person is eligible to obtain a green card has exceptions that may or may not apply to them. Additionally, the documentation that must be submitted to obtain permanent residence can be extremely complex, and errors or omissions could easily lead to delays or even denial of your application. For this reason, it is highly recommended that anyone seeking a green card do so with the help of an experienced immigration attorney. 

Our Immigration attorney, Michael Quddous Esq., handles all types of applications for permanent residence in the United States (family, employment, etc.). At our office we just do not prepare the petitions, we review your particular circumstances and discuss best options to acquire permanent residence. We always present you whatever options is faster and more feasible for our clients. We carefully compile the final package before submitting to USCIS or the Court. We make  our best efforts to  minimize the chances of delays caused by “Request for Evidence” by the government. Especially in era of Covid-19, even minor mistakes can delay the green card process by months due slow response time from USCIS. Therefore, assistance of an immigration attorney can make the process of obtaining residency as simple as possible.

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