Deportation / Removal Proceeding

“Removal Proceeding” is new term used for deportation proceeding. If you or your family member has been taken to immigration court by USCIS or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), you should have an immigration attorney to represent and defend you to keep you in the country.

An Immigration attorney may find some valid defense or multiple defenses in government’s case against you for deportation. The defense may be based on adjustment of status, asylum, withholding of removal, or cancellation of removal etc.

Removal laws are complex and should be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, different immigration courts and different judges have their own preferences how the pleadings and related applications be filed. E.g., one judge may require you to file written pleadings in the very first hearing (Master Hearing) while another judge prefers to have pleadings taken orally.

If you are already in removal proceedings, and have married a US citizen, most likely you will have to appear before an immigration judge to have your adjustment of status adjudicated by the judge in order to obtain a permanent residence and terminate deportation proceedings.

Should you need assistance with your case in immigration court, please call our office to make an appointment and we will discuss all of the viable options to defend your case.

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