Fiance’s Visa

A faster way to bring your life partner(to be) is to bring him/her with the visa for fiance. This process is available only to United States citizen and at this time Green card holders do not have this privilege available to them.

A US citizen can bring his/her fiancé if it can be established that the petitioner has physically met the person at least once in last 2 years (there is a rare exception to this requirement in cases where religion or local customs do not permit such in person meetings between the couple before the actual marriage). Also, both petitioners and applicant must submit a written statement confirming that both of them have intent to marry upon applicant’s arrival in United States. Since this is non immigrant visa it takes less time however, the arriving alien must marry the US citizen petitioner within 90 days of his/her arrival.

This process involves 3 steps including:

I. filing of finance’s petition;

2. completing the process of Department of State; and

3. appearing for her interview at United States embassy or counselor in the country where the applicant resides.

Our attorney, Michael Quddous, Esq., has helped several people from Central and South America in bringing their fiancees into United States and then getting permanent residence for these people after their arrival into United States.

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